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QH = FRA 468


Focus: Starter motor Failure
Model: Ford 2.4 TDCi/2.0 TDCi
Lucas / QH Warranty Department reports on a recurring problem with the starter for the FORD Transit (2000 onwards).
The unit is failing due to significantly high levels of metal dust particles contaminating the pinion housing.



On inspection, the units do not exhibit any manufacturing defects. The premature failure of the unit is due to contamination of the pinion/drive area from metal dust particles produced within the Dual-mass Flywheel, when the clutch wears or becomes overheated. During scheduled servicing, it is recommended that the clutch is checked and if found to be showing signs of wear should be replaced.


Replacing a starter unit that is found to be contaminated with high levels of metal dust particles in the pinion area and the transmission bell housing has not been thoroughly cleaned out before installing the replacement unit, will lead to the unit failing in a short period of time.


We cannot accept under warranty any units that have failed due to this contamination fault, as this is not a manufacturing defect of the starter motor.


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